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With an indoor blast facility that is 50' x 10' x 18' tall self contained air feed and filtered which allows for moisture control over sandblasted surfaces. Our compressor shoots out at 120 PSI, making us able to clean your tough projects.

Sandblasting takes away rust, and cleans off the paint. It saves you the time and effort to hand sand all those rough spots and rust away.

We use mainly a red garnet sand media which ranges from 60 Grit to Finer 180 Grit; other blast media such as Starblast is available. Blasting indoors allows us to blast in any weather conditions, and recycle the sand.

Sealing Sanblasted Surfaces

We can also provide applying epoxy primer to your sandblast project if you require. We use several name brands of epoxy primer and will recommend a type for your project needs.

Blasting Antique Classic Muscle Car Parts
Car Chassis Frames

We have done car parts for years, and can handle your car parts that you are afraid will warp.

Our sandblasting techniques applied to surface areas around flat hoods will reveal a smooth profile without the worry of warpage. This profile will also show what was actually on the steel surface (bondo, multi layers of paint, and rust holes.) After it is sandblasted it is practically ready for primer and paint.

Will it warp my job? Warping can be caused from blasting a weak area for a long period of time. We can use the finer sand if needed. Our sandblasters have done many car parts over the years, and are aware of all the areas that need to be blasted carefully.